Alcohol and headaches

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Hot or cold compresses can also help, as can medications developed specifically for acute treatment of migraine attacks. Regardless of gender, some people are simply more susceptible to migraine attacks than others and genetics are one reason why. The Migraine Trust estimates that 60% of the people who experience migraine attacks do so because of their genes. Occasionally drinking moderate amounts of alcohol doesn’t usually cause any health problems.

can alcohol cause migraines

A sports drink with electrolytes is also helpful for this purpose. Note that to qualify as a cocktail (or delayed alcohol-induced) headache, the pain must start within three hours of drinking. Opting for top-shelf brands, sticking to one type of alcohol, alternating with water and food, and knowing your limits are all strategies that can help minimize the chances of developing a headache. Additionally, keeping a diary to track your triggers and being mindful of other factors like stress can also be helpful. Alcohol-related headaches can be a frustrating experience, especially for those who live with migraine. While the exact reasons why alcohol triggers headaches are still not fully understood, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk and enjoy a drink without pain.

Sensitivity to specific ingredients in alcohol

This matters because individual tolerance levels factor in as well. In other words, what may trigger a migraine in one person may not cause the same effect in another. The quality of the alcohol consumed may be a factor in whether it triggers a headache. Lower-quality wines contain molecules known as phenolic flavonoid radicals, which may interfere with serotonin, a signaling molecule in the brain involved in migraine attacks. If you really want to drink, you may want to find out if any types of alcohol are unlikely to cause symptoms.

  • Because migraine is a highly nuanced disease, it is important to learn about all possible symptoms that may appear before, during or after a migraine attack, including less common ones such as aura.
  • In some patients, neurological disturbances called migraine aura can occur before or during the migraine headaches.
  • Monument is an online alcohol treatment platform that can help provide support every step of the way.
  • Like food triggers, the likelihood of a particular type of alcohol triggering a headache is probably different from person to person.

You can get peer support, and explore treatment options like therapy and medication to stop drinking. There is a myth that drinking more alcohol can help with hangover symptoms, commonly known as the “hair of the dog.” While symptoms may temporarily lessen, they will likely return with even more intensity than before. Self-medicating with alcohol only creates an unhealthy cycle that can be hard to break, and leads to even more health issues in the long-term. Learning more about your specific health history and drinking habits can help you better understand your risk of alcohol-induced headaches. At Monument, you can speak with a specialized physician, like myself, to get personalized information and care.

Are there red wines that don’t cause headaches?

The study shows that tracking sleep and other triggering factors may not only predict headaches in some patients, but it might also help develop tools to prevent them. At least one in 10 people globally suffer from migraine headaches at some stage in their lives. This is likely an underestimate as three times more women than men, and more poor people than rich, suffer from migraines. Even when treated, therapies are not very effective, especially after the migraine has already started. Remember that any type of alcohol can lead to a headache, especially if you go a little overboard.

Why Can Drinking Red Wine Cause an Almost Immediate Headache? – Everyday Health

Why Can Drinking Red Wine Cause an Almost Immediate Headache?.

Posted: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Brandy, red wine, and rum have the highest levels of congeners, while gin and vodka contain fewer of these chemicals. However, a 2019 study found higher rates of vodka consumption among drinkers with frequent migraine attacks. The response to alcohol varies from person to person, and there is no alcohol that absolutely will can alcohol cause migraines not cause a migraine or other headache. Whether or not alcohol is a migraine headache trigger is debatable. While some people do experience migraine headaches after drinking alcohol, not everyone does. In some patients, neurological disturbances called migraine aura can occur before or during the migraine headaches.

Alternate Alcohol With Food and Water

Some studies have reported that alcohol can trigger a migraine headache in people who are sensitive to it in as little as 30 minutes — or it could take 3 hours. If you suffer from migraines, you may find that drinking alcohol can trigger an episode. Find out why alcoholic drinks can cause problems for migraine sufferers and what you can do to prevent alcohol-related migraines. It may be a surprise to find that certain common foods can trigger migraine headaches in people who are susceptible to them. See which trigger foods you may want to avoid if you have migraines.

can alcohol cause migraines

The alcohol in the blood increases more quickly with liquor than with beer. For example, if a person drinks liquor before beer, they are likely to feel the effects of the alcohol sooner. Many different factors can contribute to a hangover as a result of drinking. Drinks containing more alcohol and congeners may worsen the chance of developing a headache.

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